Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 SPM - All Chemistry State Trial Exam Paper / SPM percubaan 2014

SBP 2014Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer
Penang 2014Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer
Kedah-SetA 2014Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer
Kedah-SetB 2014Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer
Pahang-JUJ-SetA 2014Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer
Pahang 2014Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer
MRSM 2014Paper1_Paper2_Paper3_Answer


  1. Mr. Ch'ng do u have pahang's chem trials paper answer?

  2. may i have the answer of chemistry pahang juj 2014 for set a and set b,paper1,2,3
    can email it to me?

  3. can i have the answer for pahang juj 2014 set a and set b for paper 1,2 and 3 .If possible pls email it to me at .Thank you :)

  4. did you have kelantan's chemi trials paper?

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